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Even if you only have sporadic warm weather where you are, a pair of sandals near the door means more excursions out for some sneaky exercise, sunshine, and Vitamin D! But warm weather also means heat, sweat, and more wear and tear on your sandals, hiking shoes, or whatever you’re into. Make sure you’re ready […]

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“Kick Off” Spring!

February 26, 2016

It’s time to go on walks and watch for green buds, hike through our favorite outdoor spaces, hit a ball or two, and meet friends in some sunshine. Then, come home to kick off our shoes—and hope we didn’t sweat too much, especially if our friends are with us. You can prevent, kill, and hide […]

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Putting Your Summer Shoes Away?

September 17, 2015

If you haven’t yet, that moment is coming. Whether it’s cold weather, rain and wetness, or dusty or moldy leaves, open-toed shoes aren’t going to be a good idea much longer. While it’s normal to just throw them in the back of the closet until next year, it’s not ideal. A little care will help […]

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Is It Too Cold For Sandals?

October 1, 2014

Here in Colorado, it’s starting to get pretty cold outside. Too cold for shorts and sandals. That means closed toed shoes are going to be getting a lot more use—and if it rains or snows, the same, thick/warm/waterproof pair might be getting quite a bit of extra wear. Ideally, you don’t wear the same pair […]

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Stinky piggies are only cute when you’re a baby. Once you’re adult, having foot odor is embarrassing. And once fall comes, summer sandals go away and feet sweat quietly in your boots, waiting for you to take them off and expose the smell. Here in Colorado, we can have snow and sunshine all in one […]

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