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It’s known, accepted, but seldom talked about: as we age, we start to heal more slowly. Bruises become bigger and darker, lingering longer. Scratches last longer than your memory of the event. And if you have a bigger injury, watching it slowy heal becomes almost a hobby, until it finally does and you realize how […]


The Search for Antibiotics

December 12, 2018

Antibiotic resistance continues to be a growing problem. As with almost all health issues, those most affected are those with weakened immune systems—especially hospital patients, people with chronic health conditions (asthma, for example). Researchers the world over are getting creative as they look for new sources. The latest promising research is looking at wasp venom! […]

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Become a master of travel, packing, and grace with a simple trick… stop odors from accumulating. When you travel, you want to make memories, accumulate mementos, and end the trip feeling rejuvenated, happy, and maybe even accomplished. What you don’t want is accumulate odor… and drag it along with you in your luggage. Stop odors […]

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While modern studies may just be taking a look at colloidal silver, it’s been around for centuries. Today, nano silver particles are used in everything from paint anyone can buy (meant to keep walls germ free), to professional antimicrobial applications (where they spray everything in high-risk environments), to specially coated materials in hospitals from the […]

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All over the world, nano silver is researched as a possible alternative to antibiotics. One related discovery? Silver nanoparticles are particularly effective against the types of bacteria that form biofilms. Bacteria that are able to form biofilms are harder to kill and fight (like staph). They’re also more likely to develop antibiotic resistance (thus, MRSA, […]

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