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For many people, pets are family and keeping them healthy is just as important as keeping everyone else in your home healthy! It can also be scary and expensive. Dogs and cats can’t tell us when they’re sick—and humans don’t know all the cues that may indicate the early stages of an illness. Then, getting […]


Cellulitis, literally “infected skin”, can get serious quickly. Cellulitis occurs when bacteria enters the skin (your skin is made up of layers). You can take colloidal silver for cellulitis. Our skin is home to all kinds of bacteria, and most of the time they aren’t harming us (having a variety of bacteria helps maintain balance […]

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The Flu is Moving North

November 14, 2019

According to Walgreen’s prescription tracker as well as hospital reporting, the Southern US, from the West coast to the East, is already facing an outbreak of the flu. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and traditionally that means a spread of flu cases. While no one is sure if this year will be as bad as […]

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It’s known, accepted, but seldom talked about: as we age, we start to heal more slowly. Bruises become bigger and darker, lingering longer. Scratches last longer than your memory of the event. And if you have a bigger injury, watching it slowy heal becomes almost a hobby, until it finally does and you realize how […]

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The Search for Antibiotics

December 12, 2018

Antibiotic resistance continues to be a growing problem. As with almost all health issues, those most affected are those with weakened immune systems—especially hospital patients, people with chronic health conditions (asthma, for example). Researchers the world over are getting creative as they look for new sources. The latest promising research is looking at wasp venom! […]

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