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Sinus Flood

Dry weather, allergies, cold and flu… there are many causes of congestion this time of year. If you’re sniffling, snoring, mouth breathing or otherwise gasping for breath get relief from a sinus flood. A sinus flood is gentler than blowing, more thorough than using a neti pot, and can help relieve thick, deep, stuck mucus. […]


Cold season has begun and an earlier flu season is predicted. That means more sinus infection symptoms: pain, congestion, runny nose, fatigue, sinus pressure, and more. The best way to relieve them isn’t a pill, it’s manually. No, not by blowing and damaging your sinuses. It’s time to again become familiar with using a Sinus […]

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Enhance Your Sinus Care

June 27, 2019

Breathing is important, we do it without even thinking about it—until something goes wrong, then the constant task of sucking in oxygen becomes a constant nagging thought as we struggle to get a clear breath. Sinuses can require surgery if uncared for. People have written books dedicated entirely to properly caring for your sinuses to […]

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Severe allergy sufferers are more than aware: allergy season is starting sooner and lasting longer. And it’s not your imagination–it’s getting worse. Studies are finding that many areas are getting a bigger pollen load, leading to increased suffering. Here’s how to stay healthier this allergy season with support from colloidal silver. Start by reducing exposure. […]

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You don’t have to be sick to have sinus problems. Cold air, a good whiff of allergens, or just fighting off illness (before or after being sick) can be enough. And if you are sick, that runny nose or congestion can get really bad. Clear it out with a sinus flood. No matter the cause, […]

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