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Keep Things Clear this Fall

November 1, 2018

Dry air, moldy leaves, cold, flu, or chronic sinus problems—at this time of year, it’s not uncommon to hear sniffling, blowing, and throat clearing everywhere you go. If you’re suffering from congestion (even if it’s in the form of someone else’s snoring keeping you up at night) get it cleared out with our Sinus Flooding […]

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Is It Allergies or a Cold?

September 13, 2018

The hard part about this time of year is that allergy season and cold season overlap for a little while. So when your nose is running and you feel a little under the weather, you might find yourself wondering—is it a cold, or just allergies? One thing to do right away is to alleviate symptoms. […]

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Fending Off Allergies

April 4, 2018

Almost everyone experiences some degree of allergies. It’s not just a reaction to pollen, ragweed, and fresh cut grass, after all, it can be a reaction to road pollution, fires burning nearby, or other environmental toxins that spread easily during hot summer months. Here are some ways to cut back on your allergy exposure, and […]

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Thankfully, cold and flu look like they’re on their way out, but don’t put your sinus flooding kit away yet. Use it to stay on top of spring allergies and sinus infections.

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Neti pots have become somewhat mainstream, they show up on film and TV, and are more commercially available then ever. A sinus rinse can be a great daily way to support your sinuses… but if you get an infection, or have bad cold and flu symptoms, you need to do more. That’s when a sinus […]

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