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No Injury Too Small

September 17, 2018

A bright red hangnail, a deep scratch, a red spot in a weird place—no injury is small enough to ignore. Even a small injury can turn serious if not cared for, so make sure you know the signs of inflammation, signs of infection, and how to reduce your risk. With more viruses in circulation and […]


You may think you’ve checked that box off—sunscreen applied, time for a great day. But research suggests that most people aren’t using sunscreen correctly—if they’re using sunscreen at all! Even a minimal amount of sun exposure—not enough to cause sunburn on unprotected skin—causes DNA damage, which can have serious long term consequences. Make sure that […]

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Colloidal silver and colloidal gold tend to hog the spotlight. Colloidal silver has a long history as potent immune support, and is of growing interest to the medical field as they combat superbugs and bugs previously believed to be hard to kill. Colloidal gold boosts the brain, and is reported to support memory, hand-eye coordination, […]

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As people gather to celebrate the summer holidays, including Independence Day, they also share some common ailments: sunburn, bug bites, food poisoning, dehydration, and cuts and scrapes. You can support your body through most of those with Colloidal Silver. For centuries colloidal silver has been used as immune support, skin support, and more. Nowadays it’s […]

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Refresh Summer Skin

July 2, 2018

Sweat, sunscreen, chlorine, lake and river bacteria/algae, and increased sun starts to take a toll on skin this time of year. Burns, acne, rashes, cuts, scrapes, bites, and more start to show up—often together. Keeping skin clear of all these problems at once can be complicated and expensive (for minor results!) but it doesn’t have […]

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