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You may be starting the year ready to learn new hobbies, resolved to get fit, or burning to make some changes. Do you have everything you need? While it’s normal to “feel it” after you work harder or use your body differently, you should still be able to relax, sleep comfy, and not be distracted […]


Sleep Well for Your… Bones?!

November 20, 2019

It’s well-established that sleep is vital for good heart and brain health, for the immune system, and more. Well, now a part of that “more” is bone health! If you’re a bad sleeper and struggle to get your ZZZs, get natural help from our Sleep Support Pack. The study focused on menopausal women, who are […]

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Is Sleep Key to Anxiety?

November 7, 2019

Confirming the obvious is a great way to help us get to solutions to real problems. According to new and completely unsurprising research, sleep can reduce anxiety by 30%. Not just any sleep, though, deep sleep. While it’s a wonderful natural solution to a common problem, getting true, deep sleep may require some natural help […]

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Sleep is the time for the body to heal and make repairs, especially to the brain. It’s why being sick makes you tired—your body has work to do! Research is still diving into the specifics in an attempt to find ideas for new treatments and medications. A lot of their findings reenforce what was already […]

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Sleep is meant to be restful, restorative. If you’re waking up feeling sore, something’s gone wrong! Back pain and neck pain are both common problems, but you shouldn’t be waking up the worse for wear! Reduce neck and back pain by making sure you’re setting yourself up for a better tomorrow, and don’t wake-up sore. […]

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