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Slim Down with Slim NRG

August 3, 2016

Whether you’re on the home stretch with the last few pounds of your summer bod or still trying to figure out a winning strategy to get the weight loss rolling, try out Slim NRG to get you there. There are so many weight loss drugs and weird products available, let’s be clear what Slim NRG […]

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Or sneak onto you, as it were. This time of year, we don’t just eat extra calories (when we’re helping Santa finish his cookies or having that only-made-once-a-year-dessert), we’re drinking them—eggnog, cocoa, or whatever blended concoction your local coffee shop offers. You don’t have to abstain. In fact, recent research suggests that a healthy diet […]

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Are You A Headline Skimmer?

October 19, 2015

If you are, you might get the wrong idea when it comes to some of the more sensationalist ones. For instance, can dietary supplements send you to the ER? Only if you completely eschew common sense! It’s not usually the ingredients like headlines imply, it’s what people are, and aren’t doing at home. Since most […]

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Get Ahead Of Winter Weight

August 31, 2015

Feeling good after a fun, active summer? Soon, you’ll be gorging on pumpkin spiced everything, Halloween candy, a big Thanksgiving feast, and a dozen different Christmas treats. By New Year’s you’ll have the extra weight to balance out any drinking, but you’ll also be feeling a little slowed down by it. So why not plan […]

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Get Moving!

September 25, 2013

Americans who were polled gave an interesting portrait of how they exercise: most do it alone, and running is the prefered activity. The good news is most reported that they exercised. But there’s always room for improvement! If you like to run, get motivated. Find other runners on social media with a quick search, and […]

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