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Ease Head and Shoulder Strain

December 10, 2019

Right now, you’re reading this on some sort of screen. How’s your posture? Phones are really hard on how we use our back and neck—we lean over and into the screen as we read, watch, share, and chat. And with tablets and laptops more heavily used than desktops, proper computer posture has fallen by the […]

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Sleep is meant to be restful, restorative. If you’re waking up feeling sore, something’s gone wrong! Back pain and neck pain are both common problems, but you shouldn’t be waking up the worse for wear! Reduce neck and back pain by making sure you’re setting yourself up for a better tomorrow, and don’t wake-up sore. […]

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When should you stretch? Should you warm up? How do you soothe muscles after a workout? Here’s how experts currently you recommend do it all. It all starts with water. When you exercise, you’re breaking down and reforming muscles (and, ideally, sweating, too!). Stay hydrated for your health, and to reduce sore muscles later. Successful […]

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Get Natural Pain Relief

June 29, 2018

For minor aches, pains, sprains, and even headaches and migraines, you can go au naturale with regard to pain relief: just use a little Dakota Muscle Relief. Pain relief is a hot issue these days, and it can be harder than ever to get a doctor to take concerns seriously. What might seem mild to […]

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Make Your Heart Stronger

February 7, 2017

In acknowledgement of heart health month, we’ve talked about some easy ways to work a little heart health into your day, like taking a break with a cup of Jiaogulan in the afternoon or starting your day with a heart supporting multivitamin like Mito Cardia. But it would be an oversight not to talk about […]

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