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Have A Golden Afternoon

June 16, 2015

If you catch a break in the clouds, take it! And make the most of warm spring afternoons. The sunshine will help raise your Vitamin D levels, which drop during the winter. Higher Vitamin D levels mean a better immune system, better mood, and more! There are lots of ways to enjoy an afternoon—maybe golfing, […]

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Caffeine can jolt you awake, give you an energy boost, and sharpen your focus…but at a price. It’s natural, but not necessarily safe. If you’re looking to enhance your sports performance, caffeine might seem like a good short-cut, especially if you’re tired from training for your event. Yeah, it can give you a quick boost, […]

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The ground may have a foot of snow on it, but the sunlight is starting to get that warm glow that says spring is right around the corner! And every time the snow wanes, I can see little green sprouts making their way up. And that has me thinking toward spring and summer plans, and […]

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