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Is Sleep Key to Anxiety?

November 7, 2019

Confirming the obvious is a great way to help us get to solutions to real problems. According to new and completely unsurprising research, sleep can reduce anxiety by 30%. Not just any sleep, though, deep sleep. While it’s a wonderful natural solution to a common problem, getting true, deep sleep may require some natural help […]

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Don’t let the winter blues get away from you. Stay on top of flagging energy, bad days, and a bad outlook with support from D.S.A. MGRx. With cold temperatures, less sunlight, poor weather keeping us in and making our normal activities harder, and all the other troubles of winter, you might be feeling the winter […]

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PTSD Linked to Gut Bacteria

October 23, 2019

Researchers have found a strong connection in mice between gut bacteria and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The finding isn’t surprising, a large pile of research has shown that our gut microbes impact everything from how we digest food to our weight, mood, and habits; the new research could be an avenue for treating stress. Fortunately, […]

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Sleep is the time for the body to heal and make repairs, especially to the brain. It’s why being sick makes you tired—your body has work to do! Research is still diving into the specifics in an attempt to find ideas for new treatments and medications. A lot of their findings reenforce what was already […]

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Support Yourself This Season

October 14, 2019

Whether you think the holidays are a corporate sham or your house is decorated to the hilt for the theme of each month as we head toward the end of the year, you’re probably facing some stress as end of year work, clustered celebrations, social expectation, and flu season all collide in on one another. […]

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