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Ebola: A World Away?

March 25, 2019

The second largest Ebola outbreak is still growing, with more than a thousand cases so far (the biggest Ebola outbreak spanned 3 years, from 2013-16, and had over 11,000 cases). An increased population, fighting (including 5 attacks on medical aid centers in the last month), and shifting populations is making control of the outbreak near […]

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Sharpen Up Your Studies

March 31, 2016

Most students are just past spring break—and that means the home stretch until the end of the school year, and the finals that come with it. Time to stay focused, work hard, and finish big, and you can give them the support to do it (and help them avoid less savory “support” that often circulates […]

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Focus On Spring

January 14, 2016

Whether spring means exams, golf, hiking, or deep cleaning and organizing, gather your focus and get ready. There are a lot of factors that contribute to your ability to focus: it’s not all brain training! So get out from under the clouds of winter, and shine yourself up for spring: -Meditation. I’ll start here, because […]

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Give Yourself A Study Boost

November 19, 2015

Whether you’re meticulously planning how you’ll execute Thanksgiving, are working through end-of-year paperwork, or have finals and papers to get through, now’s the time to start giving yourself a mental boost! Why start today? Because they’re all just around the corner! And because there aren’t any overnight solutions. -First, the basics. Important enough it can’t […]

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In a perfect world, you’d be in tune with your body. You’d notice all the little changes, and you’d intuit how to react to them—do you need more nutrients? Or just more water? More exercise, or do you actually need more rest (because both can boost your energy levels)? Are you really getting sick, or […]

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