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It should seem obvious, but it’s only now being confirmed—surgery is hard on the body, and during healing, you need more support to prevent further illness from getting in. In a new study, the link between surgical cancer removal and new cancer in other locations in the body has been pinned to the strain the […]


Fad: The Cotton Ball Diet

November 25, 2013

As one diet expert warns: the holidays are a time when people get desperate to lose weight, or at least not gain any back. And fads appear. All over YouTube right now is a new, dangerous fad: eating cotton balls. Usually they are soaked in juice or a smoothie or something first, then a few […]

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Naturally Fight Gallstones

October 10, 2013

It seems like everyone is having their gallbladder out these days—it’s the new tonsillectomy. If you are diagnosed with gallstones, doctors are jumping to cut. The number of gallbladder surgeries performed yearly has gone up. But should surgery be the first option? Gallbladder removal has a high risk of complications: 10-15% of patients could develop […]

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Any surgery, however minor, has a long list of side effects and possible combinations (and it’s expensive, especially when you factor in recovery time!). So if someone told you there was an alternative that worked just as well, how exciting would that be? Well, a study has shown that physical therapy (taking at least a […]

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There are many different varieties of medical implants being used daily: catheters to perform surgeries, devices that support the body (like mesh), devices that replace parts like joints, and of course elective devices like those used to shrink stomachs. And there are few rules (which are rarely enforced) about testing any of these products for […]

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