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Scientists are working together across the globe to watch for, and to try and stay ahead of, the next global flu pandemic. They think they’ve found a likely source, too: man’s best friend. Humans and dogs not only live in close proximity with each other, making it easier for human flu strains to mix with […]

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Preventing Animal Flu

August 31, 2017

There are many strains of flu circulating, but not all of them are circulating in humans. Animals, specifically birds and mammals, are a reservoir of flu, too, and when those strains pass to humans they’re quite virulent! Watching these strains for signs of evolution or cross-breeding (like pairing a strain with qualities that make it […]

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Stay Flu Alert

January 24, 2017

Flu season is still going and spreading. It’s estimated that it’s peaking right now (which would be good, since then the end is in sight). So we all need to keep up good flu precautions, like washing hands frequently (before eating, after the bathroom, after going out, and frequently while preparing food), resting if we […]

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Animal Flu

August 15, 2016

Although 90+ degree days have me looking forward to fall, it’s still a ways off. Nevertheless, it seems it’s already time to talk about animal flu since we’ve had a couple of cases already this year (and that’s point one: clearly, animal flu has an earlier season). Swine flu, bird flu, seal flu, dog flu, […]

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Where’s Swine Flu Now?

October 15, 2015

Swine flu is a monkey wrench when it comes to flu season. Whether it’s a sub-par flu shot (and flu shots are already less-than any other vaccine), or a surprise strain that causes wide-spread illness, it’s perhaps the part of flu season we should all be looking at most closely. So where’s swine flu now? […]

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