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CDC: TB Rates Rising

March 28, 2016

Over the last two years, there’s been a small, but significant turnaround in the fight against tuberculosis: instead of a decline in cases, they held steady. It may seem insignificant. For most people, tuberculosis, or the wasting disease, is just something from period romances. Until, that is, you go to the doctor with symptoms of […]

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California TB Outbreak

December 16, 2015

With none of the romance of a Puccini opera, over a thousand people in Northern California have been exposed to tuberculosis. But wait, here’s the scary part: it took more than a month to put together a list of patients and hospital staff who were exposed, and to begin the notification process. How did this […]

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TB In Our Backyard

March 20, 2015

28 people in a Kansas high school have tested positive for tuberculosis… more may test positive after follow-up testing at the end of the incubation period. How did a tuberculosis outbreak happen in the middle of America? Authorities don’t know where the first patient to test positive to picked it up, but I don’t think […]

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The World Health Organization has a “plan” for getting rid of TB. Part of it involves encouraging the development of new treatments, and part of it involves screening high risk groups: people with compromised immunity (like with HIV), impoverished areas (think the TB that started with the homeless in Florida), and immigrants. But encouragement doesn’t […]

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Fairfax county, Virginia, is facing an outbreak of TB. An outbreak at the local high school has left over 400 families at risk for developing symptoms. LA and Jacksonville, Florida both have their own ongoing outbreaks (TB takes a minimum of 6 months to cure, IF you can follow the rigorous, side-effect laden treatment schedule, […]

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