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Tick Disease

Last year, more diseases from tick bites were reported than ever. While it’s possible that warmer winters (which cause tick populations to boom) and an expanding tick territory are responsible, it’s also possible that awareness has gone up in recent years causing doctors and patients to report more incidents of tick bites and related diseases. […]

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Tick Season is Open

April 24, 2017

It’s warm enough that tick season has begun. Make sure you’re not making any wrong assumptions, and stay safe; make sure you’re getting daily immune support from colloidal silver! First, Lyme Disease isn’t just an East Coast problem any more. We’ve past the point where more than half of US counties have ticks that carry […]

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Don’t Let Your Guard Down…

September 4, 2015

After this (admittedly adorable) video of a toddler and a fawn went viral, dozens and dozens of copycat videos sprung up. Here’s the thing (or two): those babies’ mothers are nearby, and they’re wild animals. If you aren’t sure what kind of damage a deer can do, check YouTube for some hunting trips gone very […]

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