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The CDC issued a new report this week citing the large increase in vectorborne illnesses, in other words, illnesses from ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects. Since 2004, tick borne illnesses doubled (mostly Lyme Disease cases), with indications that the number of people infected was actually underreported (meaning there’s evidence it more than doubled). While the […]


For years, people in (or going to) the Northeast were warned about ticks: to watch for them after hiking, and to watch for a bullseye rash, the tell-tale sign of Lyme Disease. But we know so much more about ticks and Lyme Disease now, and there are new ticks and tick borne illnesses emerging that […]

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Hike Safely this Summer

April 5, 2018

When you’re feeling like taking in the sights of nature, a hike is the perfect idea. Just make sure you’re prepared, in addition to checking off the obvious like being physically up for it, aware of bears, and packing food and water, watch out for the unseen: ticks. Lurking in tall grass, and on cute […]

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Every year, Lyme Disease spreads a little further. Some projections say Lyme Disease (and the ticks that carry it) will have explosive growth over the next few years. One interesting harbinger may be horses; with lots of exposure to tall grass/nature and the small mammals that carry ticks, horses may be more prone to Lyme […]

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Tick season isn’t so much tied to “summer”, as it is warm weather. And these days, warm weather can go well into fall. With Lyme Disease carrying ticks in more than half of US counties, everyone needs to be aware of Lyme Disease. Not only does Lyme Disease awareness help with recognizing symptoms so you […]

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