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Tobacco smoke increases the virulence of MRSA and other antibiotic resistant bacteria while simultaneously hindering the body’s ability to fight them. E-Cigarette vapor has this effect, but not as strongly as regular cigarette smoke. So, it’s better, but still not good. Any cells regularly exposed to tobacco smoke are at an increased risk for MRSA […]

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Liver cancer, breast cancer, and other cancers are all tied to alcohol, and although there’s a lot of information put out about cancer prevention, the risk of alcohol are rarely included. In most studies, drinking 3 or more alcoholic beverages a day is tied to a marked increase in cancer risk, but even half that […]

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Cut Your Cancer Risk By 50%

November 1, 2012

That’s a high number: 50%, but researchers found that if people followed the general advice given to help prevent cancer, that’s the reduction in cancer rates we’d see. Here are the tips that could contribute to lowering your risk for cancer: -Don’t use tobacco. Tobacco can cause cancer in more places than your lungs, and […]

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