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Perfect health, perfect diet, and a regularly functioning, healthy colon… harder to achieve than you’d think. Whether it’s the modern diet, modern day pollution, or the modern lifestyle, more people than ever are aware that their guts, and the colon specifically, are in need of something more. And that’s statistically backed up—people are now getting […]


Your home should be your safe place. Unfortunately, a combination of factors may make it a source of exposure to toxins that could be impacting your health. From the ubiquitous presence of plastics to antiquated regulations, here’s how to reduce, then detox your exposure to household toxins. What are the biggest risk factors? Clothing and […]

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PFAs (perfluoroalkyl substances) are chemicals used to make many useful things… stain resistant carpets, non-stick pans, food packaging… but, according to a new study, they are correlated with gaining weight quickly, and losing weight slowly.

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Avoid the Fads

January 11, 2018

If you follow health news headlines, you may have seen the backlash against support for a coffee colon cleanse/enema. For most that probably sounds like a bad idea right off the bat, but if you think it might have any benefit, beware the potential side-effects: dehydration, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or even death. With ideas like […]

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For years now, America’s lead problem has dominated headlines. Flint, MI, has had spot number one, but every city east of the Mississippi likely has a lead in water problem, as do many in the west. But research is indicating that lead might be a more widespread problem. Guns and shooting ranges, for instance, are […]

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