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Stay Flu Alert

January 24, 2017

Flu season is still going and spreading. It’s estimated that it’s peaking right now (which would be good, since then the end is in sight). So we all need to keep up good flu precautions, like washing hands frequently (before eating, after the bathroom, after going out, and frequently while preparing food), resting if we […]

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Animal Flu

August 15, 2016

Although 90+ degree days have me looking forward to fall, it’s still a ways off. Nevertheless, it seems it’s already time to talk about animal flu since we’ve had a couple of cases already this year (and that’s point one: clearly, animal flu has an earlier season). Swine flu, bird flu, seal flu, dog flu, […]

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A Norovirus Salad

October 20, 2015

As cold and flu season is upon us, so begins another discussion about how disease spreads. Do you know where you’re most likely to get Norovirus? It’s actually not a cruise ship. It’s food workers. Not just a sniffling server, but people along every step of the way, from those harvesting crops on a schedule, […]

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Hep C Is Easy To Share

January 30, 2015

Recently, people questioned recommendations that are meant to help people at a greater risk for Hepatitis C get tested, and get treated while still in the early stages. To emphasize why encouraging people to find out if they have Hepatitis C is so important, here are some notes about Hepatitis C transmission: Hepatitis C survives […]

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Ebola: 1 Year In

December 15, 2014

Although Ebola has only been in US headlines since this summer, the outbreak started almost a year ago. And it’s been out of headlines again lately—does that mean things are all wrapped up? Not at all. Sierra Leone still has soaring numbers, and huge planning and infrastructure problems. They are getting 100 new confirmed cases […]

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