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Does Your Gut Define You?

August 7, 2017

Research has been diving into the science of gut bacteria (and viruses, too). It impacts everything from digestive health, to weight, to less expected things like mood and even personality. The most startling evidence for the impact of gut health comes from fecal transplants. A very effective, minimally invasive, and usually safe way to treat […]

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Baby Boomers, those born between (about) 1941 and 1960, have been told they need to get tested for Hepatitis C for at least a year now, even if they have none of the traditional risk factors. Needle reuse was still common in the medical profession, and vaccines were becoming standard. On top of that, when Hepatitis […]

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Have you heard of 3D printing? 3D printers make objects using various types of materials—they can be used in the home, in an office (think architects designing scale models, or other types of prototypes)… or in medicine. One of the many fascinating things 3D printing can do is use cells to print organs for transplant—and […]

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