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Watching Ebola

October 15, 2018

Ebola is one of the most deadly, contagious, scary diseases humans have faced—especially when you factor in how hand washing/basic sanitation, modern medicine, and more that we take for granted have mostly failed against it (although a government study found that colloidal silver worked quite well). The outbreak a few years ago was a wake-up […]


No matter where you’re going, no matter how long you’re staying, there’s one surefire way to ruin a trip: getting sick. Travel for pleasure, for business, or to visit family, and an illness can stop your plans in their tracks. Don’t get knocked out, and don’t arrive with germs to share—make sure you support your […]


Become a master of travel, packing, and grace with a simple trick… stop odors from accumulating. When you travel, you want to make memories, accumulate mementos, and end the trip feeling rejuvenated, happy, and maybe even accomplished. What you don’t want is accumulate odor… and drag it along with you in your luggage. Stop odors […]


Make Traveling More Comfortable

September 28, 2018

Stiff legs, a sore neck, and an aching back… it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile… even young, healthy, limber travelers often arrive at their destinations with a few kinks to stretch out. And if you are changing time zones, have a lot of travel time, or need to hit the […]


While the US usually enjoys a lower rate of disease than the rest of the world, there are starting to be holes in the dike, so to speak. With travel being easy and affordable, exposure to what were once rare diseases is a lot easier. Then, multiply that exposure by communities where people are missing […]

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