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Avoid a Salmonella Turkey

November 9, 2018

A rare strain of Salmonella is affecting turkeys and turkey products throughout the country. This particular salmonella outbreak has been ongoing for about a year, so expect that it could pop up in any turkey, anywhere. Here’s how to stay healthy this holiday and avoid Salmonella food poisoning while enjoying your turkey. First, beware pre-prepped […]

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It’s mostly an issue of food safety—right now, because of summer temperatures or some other reason, salmonella is everywhere. It’s in chickens, turkeys, ducks, and likely other birds. It’s not limited to one region of the US, one farm, or one processing center. It’s affecting both commercial products, and backyard flocks. Here’s what you need […]

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Minnesota, Missouri, and Arkansas are all trying to contain bird flu. Cases have begun cropping up in the last few weeks, with the likely culprit being Canadian geese (this is the same problem that the West coast had that infected backyard flocks). Texas is promising to take steps to stop bird flu from crossing state […]

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