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Urinary Tract

We know quite well the sort of effects changes in gut bacteria can have on digestion, and scientists have been exploring ways it may impact weight, depression, and other organs. Here’s another for the list: the sort of bacteria we cultivate may increase or decrease our risk of developing kidney stones. With the weather warming […]


I think the best kinds of studies are the ones that confirm simple truths. For example, a study has found that most recurrent bladder infections can be prevented by drinking more water. Drinking water to prevent (and help treat) bladder and other UTI infections is already folk wisdom, but with this study, there’s no excuse […]

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Every day, your kidneys filter out waste products from your blood and then your body excretes those waste products – in combination with water – through your urine. When your kidneys do not remove these wastes, toxins build up in the blood and this can significantly affect the health of your organs and your overall […]

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