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Mumps and measles are both out there still—exposure from other, less vaccinated countries made it into unvaccinated pockets of the US, and now it’s a thing again. The good news is that vaccination may protect against some of the more severe symptoms, if not the disease itself (measles vaccination is pretty tight at 97+%, while […]

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Measles and Mumps, Oh My!

February 27, 2018

Outbreaks of once quashed viruses are increasingly common, so who needs to worry? And how should we prepare? Truth is, the answer is more or less the same as for anything: people with weakened immune systems need to worry the most, while everyone else just need general caution. One of the ways you can help […]

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How Mumps Threatens Us All

December 21, 2017

Florida (which always comes up because they have a lot of transparency and self-reporting) is experiencing its largest mumps outbreak in years. Nationwide there are at least 5000 mumps cases. Other states hit hard include New York, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri ad Washington. Because many people experience mild symptoms, there are likely many people carrying/spreading mumps […]

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Whooping cough cases are cropping up. It’s a highly contagious disease, so that pretty much guarantees more. Whooping cough is dangerous for people with weakened immune systems, especially children, so working together to stop the outbreak is essential. Caused by the virus pertussis, whooping cough is preventable by vaccine. Since the pertussis vaccine wears out […]

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Is the Flu Shot Worth It?

November 9, 2017

Last year, the flu shot, at best, was 42% effective—and only 34% effective against the dominant strain. And that peak efficacy is for otherwise strong, healthy, young-ish people. This year is expected to be another year of an ineffective flu shot (and that’s on top of what’s already expected to be a severe flu shot). […]

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