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Who Spirulina Benefits

October 22, 2019

There are so many super-foods to incorporate into your diet, it might be a little overwhelming. Take Spirulina, a protein rich algae that’s even been used in the diets of astronauts—who gets the most benefits of Spirulina? While it’s good for everyone to eat as varied a diet as possible, here’s who should prioritize adding […]

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Vitamin B12 should be in your diet, but might not be if you are vegan or are eating the typical American diet instead of a healthier one. If you are experiencing mouth ulcers, have pale yellow skin, or frequently get the sensation of pins and needles, you might be short B12. Make sure you’re getting […]

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Lyme Disease gets all the attention, but ticks across the US carry diseases. And some of them are really bizarre! The Lone Star Tick, aka Amblyomma americanum, (identifiable by its white spot on the back), can trigger your immune system into developing an allergy to red meat. Specifically, your body is developing a reaction to […]

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