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Whooping cough cases are cropping up. It’s a highly contagious disease, so that pretty much guarantees more. Whooping cough is dangerous for people with weakened immune systems, especially children, so working together to stop the outbreak is essential. Caused by the virus pertussis, whooping cough is preventable by vaccine. Since the pertussis vaccine wears out […]


Researchers want patients and doctors to rely more on the immune system, on supporting it, and letting it fight the illnesses that catch us now and then. Antibiotics are overused, and usually, that refers to how antibiotics are used preventatively in livestock, and prescribed for illnesses they can’t treat (things caused by viruses, like sinus […]

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A Bad Start to Flu Season

October 24, 2017

Predicting flu season is tricky. Things have been trending worse year by year, though, with long, virulent flu seasons. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s a change in culture, population or climate change, it’s here and we have to deal not just with a harsh flu season, but lots of other circulating viruses that cause […]

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When you get sick, it can be hard to tell what you’ve got. And there’s something new making it harder: extra viruses going around causing flu like symptoms. Throw in Norovirus, and being on top of recognizing and managing symptoms can be tricky. Although it’s good to know what you’re fighting, it’s even better to […]

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When you’re sick, it’s miserable, no matter if you’re severely ill, or it’s just trickling along. There’s a huge desire to do something to fix it, even when the best course of action is to lay back and let your body heal (possibly with some immune support, like colloidal silver). Still, many Americans are still […]

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