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There are some places where wearing layers is normal, you may start your day with a drizzle and end it in a high humid heat. For the rest of the country, this winter may be making everyone a little crazy. Some areas have extreme lows—inside it’s warm, outside it’s well below freezing. Other areas are […]


The War Within You

September 23, 2016

A healthy gut biome is filled with beneficial bacteria. They help you digest, crowd out and fight off invaders, and play an important role in what looks like every single aspect of our health: how much we weigh, our mood and personality, our heart health, and more (the list keeps growing). But what happens when […]

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Colloidal silver is antimicrobial—that means it fights bacteria, viruses, yeast/fungi, and more. How do we know colloidal silver is antimicrobial? There’s lots and lots of studies that show it is. Now, some colloidal silver retailers pay to have studies done. We (Colloids for Life) don’t—instead, I’m referencing the studies that have been done at universities […]

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There’s a tendency to blame bacteria for everything. We have antibiotics that can (or could) treat them, so perhaps it’s more comforting a thought. And salmonella and E. coli do cause quite a few illnesses. But viruses can just as often cause food poisoning, from the infamous Norovirus, to the lesser known (and, frankly, studied) […]

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Yes! And I hate that this is even a question, but for reasons that aren’t clear there’s information going around saying that colloidal silver is only effective on bacteria. Actually, colloidal silver is antimicrobial—not just antibacterial. It works on bacteria, AND viruses, AND some fungi/yeast. We know a lot about how colloidal silver works to […]

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