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Vitamin D

Boost Your Vitamin D Levels

December 7, 2017

It’s not just another Vitamin on your list for the day. If you’re short on Vitamin D, you’ll notice pretty quickly. During winter, when you feel slow, tired, and a bit depressed, it’s not some mood put on by dark, cloudy weather and shorter days, it’s the literal lack of sunlight. Without it, your body […]


One billion people worldwide need more Vitamin D, according to a new study. At least that many people aren’t getting into the sun enough! Vitamin D impacts mood, immune system, absorption of other nutrients, and a wide-range of body processes. Not having enough can look as simple as a touch of the winter blues or […]

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As spring starts to bring up flowers and cool temperatures and a warm sun create lovely days, symptoms of Seasonal Depression start to lift. More sun means more Vitamin D, and in addition to the brighter mood, that’s enough for most people. (And if you’re stuck in the cycle of yearly depression, now’s a good […]

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Jump Into Spring

February 23, 2017

A few warm days and many are ready to be more active. Getting outside into some warm weather is more than just an opportunity for exercise, it’s an opportunity to help clear out some of the cold and flu that’s going around, boost vitamin D levels (helping your immune system), and help improve mood. Ready […]

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It’s the toward the end of February, and flu levels are at “epidemic levels”, according to the CDC (plus there are colds and other viruses going around!). And this year, they’re rating the flu shot as only 48% effective. That’s actually not bad for the flu shot, which just doesn’t perform as well as other […]

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