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Colloidal silver (pure water and nano silver particles) is effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other pathogens like amoebas. A new study (funded by Malaysia) has shown that it may be useful in the fight against brain eating amoebas.

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I think the best kinds of studies are the ones that confirm simple truths. For example, a study has found that most recurrent bladder infections can be prevented by drinking more water. Drinking water to prevent (and help treat) bladder and other UTI infections is already folk wisdom, but with this study, there’s no excuse […]

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A Coast to Coast Detox?

April 28, 2017

While Flint Michigan’s plight has left many aghast (and it’s ongoing, by the way), it’s also inspired some to dig deeper, and found that coast to coast, top to bottom, America has a lead problem. Children get seen by doctors regularly, and doctors perform routine tests for lead and are supposed to report it, but […]

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Don’t Shuck Eye Health

October 17, 2016

Eye infections (and even worse complications) are going up. As a whole, we take advantage of our health (something that I think will come to a head as antibiotic resistance becomes a more prominent problem). One place doctors are really noticing an obvious decline is eye health. With the expectation of high-quality tap water and […]

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A Fun Natural Treatment?

September 28, 2016

Or scariest, depending on your phobias. If you suffer from frequent kidney stones, here’s a revelation for you: the cure might be a few trips on a rollercoaster! When a urological surgeon noticed anecdotes piling up about patients who passed small kidney stones after a visit to Disneyworld, he dug a little deeper. Most stories […]

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