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Weakened Immune System

While saving the environment is nice, it may not be keeping us as clean as past practices did. When it comes to washing clothes, modern efficient washers leave more germs behind then older, less efficient models. Spruce up your washing machine and other appliances with Hot Tub Silver. When it comes to keeping Hospital Acquired […]


Outbreaks on the Rise

November 19, 2018

It’s already charted: measles and mumps are on the rise all over, and in several states they’ve gotten a foothold. Data shows that we can expect the problem to grow, as more are opting out of the vaccines. As these diseases reemerge, even people who are vaccinated need to watch out. For most, having received […]

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You may not know anyone going back to school, but the community effect will be the same: a burst of highly communicable diseases. Kids, with their weaker immune systems, the stress of change, and the cooling weather all come together in one building to germinate diseases. Now is the time to prepare for it with […]

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Sugar is the biggest villain in nutrition these days. Part of the vitriol it gets, I think at least in part, is due to some righteous anger about how the sugar industry put blame on fat, and denied Americans decades of delicious, savory, fatty meals. Now we have the keto diet where you’re encouraged to […]

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The outbreak of the bacteria ElizabethKingia in Wisconsin has brought some very ugly things about our healthcare system to the front. Like, people with weakened immune systems aren’t getting enough support, especially if they’re hospitalized. Some of that is also highlighted in the struggle against persistent Lyme Disease: it’s a double edged sword of being […]

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