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Weakened Immune System

You want younger looking skin—so what do you do? Provide direct support, and here’s why: Diet and nutrition play a big role. You are what you eat, after all, so eating an antioxidant rich diet with enough nutrients to support your mind, body (and skin) is important! But sometimes it’s not enough. Why wouldn’t dietary […]

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Shingles? Guard Your Heart

December 23, 2015

Another study has linked shingles with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke (as well as other health events). It’s not the first, but this one did more to control for preexisting susceptibility. It’s good information for patients: when you get an outbreak of shingles, your risk of a heart attack and stroke (and […]

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How About an Immune Jump Start

December 10, 2015

Not only are nights longer, daylight is often overtaken by clouds—so there’s less opportunity to get Vitamin D from the sun. And it’s colder—so you’re all bundled up, and getting less immune stimulation from touch. And fewer fruits and vegetables are in season—so you’re getting less nutrients in your diet (certainly less variety!). Multiply that […]

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Why Am I Still Tired?!

November 30, 2015

At this time of year, you might be asking yourself “Why am I sleeping so much, and still tired?”. There are a lot of possibilities—and no reason not to tackle them so you can have more energy and time to enjoy the holidays! Sleep is critical to our health, mood, energy level—everything. But because it’s […]

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With the new super expensive Hep C treatment (possible cure), the new standard is to delay treatment, and hope that you catch Hepatitis C just in time. Insurance companies don’t want to pay for treatment until they have to, but before liver failure reaches the point of an even more expensive transplant! Hepatitis C is […]

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