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It’s cold outside, and some parts of the country are huddled up inside away from freezing temperatures and piles of snow. Perfect conditions for Vitamin D deficiency. Most Americans are already low on Vitamin D, and with less sunlight during the winter and storms keeping us in, Vitamin D levels are likely starting to bottom […]

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Relax the Winter Aches

December 5, 2017

A cold day chilling your bones, a bout of cold that reaches through each arm and leg, a fun day in the snow that leaves aches, or just an average bout of tension that cricks your neck and back, one or more of these can strike on a winter’s day, so be sure to have […]

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Ease Winter Muscle Ache

November 18, 2016

Cold weather can cause muscle cramps, but that’s no reason to get out, whether you’re outside getting some exercise, playing in the snow, or keeping your sidewalk clear. While a soak in warm to hot water is a great way to thaw out, there are other ways you can gently ease the aches and pains […]

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Are Your Pets Ready For Fall?

September 30, 2015

Each season brings special considerations for pets. During fall, everything from special exercise and nutrition, to watching out for chemicals are a key to keeping pets safe and happy. It’s great enjoying cool autumn weather with pets, especially after a hot summer. But before you really get rolling with hikes through the changing foliage, the […]

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