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Researchers are attempting to quantify how much time spent in nature (not just outside) leads to better health and mental well-being. While it may seem like common sense that connecting with nature has benefits, putting a minimum time limit on it is helpful for guiding who need to schedule it into their work week. Across […]

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Get Your Greens

June 7, 2018

Green veggies, and leafs in particular, are full of good for you nutrients: iron, chlorophyll, and a long list of vitamins and minerals. Ideally, you’re getting a pretty large serving of a variety of greens each day, giving you a nutritional boost, a fiber boost for digestion, and supporting good bacteria, which flourish when you […]

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Exercise, eating right, and sleeping take time and planning, so while they’re important, they’re easy to fall behind on. There’s another cornerstone to good health that can be managed at all times, taken care of in the moment, and supported each day, though: stress and mental well-being. Give yourself daily support for stress, anxiety, and […]

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