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New Year, Fresh Shoes

January 9, 2018

We’re in the peak of the coldest, snowiest time of the year–your boots and other shoes are probably getting a little sweaty and smelly, whether you’re outside shoveling or inside where the heat is running. Freshen them up, and keep any new shoes you may have gotten nicer for longer with Smelly Shoe Spray. Smelly […]


Everyday, your feet sweat, a lot. It might be more when it’s warm and less when it’s cold, but there’s a lot of moisture coming off of them regardless. For men following a new “bare” trend, flashing ankles with no sock in their shoe, they’re leaving their feet sitting in a lot of water. Do […]

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Rising temperatures are helping fungi to spread. Naturally existing in soil, some can spread to humans. Modern medicine and an over-reliance on antibiotics are helping these spreading fungi to infect more people. Right now the UK is dealing with an invasive outbreak of a Japanese fungus in hospitals. In the US, an estimated 46,000 people […]

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Colloidal silver is antimicrobial—that means it fights bacteria, viruses, yeast/fungi, and more. How do we know colloidal silver is antimicrobial? There’s lots and lots of studies that show it is. Now, some colloidal silver retailers pay to have studies done. We (Colloids for Life) don’t—instead, I’m referencing the studies that have been done at universities […]

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Whether you’re worried about Athlete’s foot, off-putting smell, the deterioration of your most comfortable shoes, or developing unsightly feet, maybe it’s time for a summer foot refresher. Spend half an hour to get increased comfort, better smell and a better aesthetic: Feet First! If you’re active this summer going for hikes, playing golf or tennis, […]

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