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You’ve added a probiotic to your diet—maybe an afternoon yogurt snack, or a kefir or similar drink at lunch, or maybe just a probiotic supplement with breakfast. And you’re feeling better—maybe you’ve noticed some weight loss, better digestion, fewer instances of food poisoning, or any of the other benefits studies have shown come from probiotics. […]

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Keep Food In Your Fridge Safe

September 18, 2013

There’s a lot of exciting health news happening, but I’m going to delay those stories for later this week because I found a super helpful article from USA Today about mold in food. With all the recent mold-in-the-news stories (including the big Chobani recall of their Greek yogurt), USA Today put together a handy list […]

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Another Reason To Eat Yogurt

September 21, 2012

Yogurt contains probiotics—the helpful bacteria that can help regulate your digestive system (preventing stomach upset), fight against foreign pathogens (like strep, fungi, and viruses) and generally fill a key role in your immune system. New research has found that if everyone consumer just a serving of yogurt a day, we’d reduce heart disease across the […]

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