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Spring, the season of youth, is almost here. That warm, flowery smell, the bright colors, and all the outside activities. It takes me back to school, and knowing summer, and freedom, were almost here. It’s a time of year where you want to feel healthy and young. Fortunately, it’s not always hard to turn back […]

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Do You Look Your Age?

July 8, 2015

Researchers are really starting to explore aging. Not (just) for vanity, but because age really ties our entire health together, from gum health to heart health, to organs like kidney and liver, how good your metabolism is, how strong your are, how fast you can think, blood vessels for the brain, and, of course, telomere […]

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Keep Your Skin Young

February 24, 2014

It’s a hot trend in Europe and Japan (something only available in the biggest cities, even): using nano silver, gold, platinum, and other rare minerals to improve skin health and keep skin looking young. A single treatment costs hundreds of dollars. And it’s not just a fancy trend: science has backed up at least some […]

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