A study out of another car-dependant country (New Zealand) has a health tip that could improve our health in two different ways: don’t get in your car unless you’re going more than half a mile. The benefits are comparable to cutting back on smoking nicotine, according to the study. Not only does the person walking get a little exercise, but they help maintain a better level of air quality for their whole city. Small steps like this are ways we can all improve our health.

According to the study, errands 1km and under (which is actually closer to .6 of a mile) are easily swapped for walking, and errands up to 5km (about 3 miles) could be swapped for a combination of biking and walking, reducing pollution from car exhaust and improving the health of every walker. Exercise benefits us mentally and physically, and helps with aging and longevity.

Everyone has nearby errands they run, or at the very least errands that can be chained into a walking trip (maybe you have to drive 20 minutes to your nearest store, but you can walk between different stores and restaurants). Little bits of #SneakyExercise helps us all since we’re collectively not exercising enough.

If you don’t have errands, find an excuse to squeeze a half mile walk into your afternoon. You might see things you can walk to in the future, or you might just enjoy a bit of nature. 

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