Struggling to drink enough water? Just want to do something easy to support your heart health, stomach health, or overall health? Trying to give up sugary drinks or cut back on caffeine? Need a restorative break during the day?

Do it all with a simple cup of tea. Morning, noon, or night, an herbal tea like Jiaogulan offers flavonoids and other health supporting compounds, no caffeine (so you can drink it whenever without it cutting into your sleep), a more flavorful (but still healthy) way to hydrate, and a long moment to take a deep breath, relax, and regroup.

When you’re sick, a cup of Jiaogulan tea can be just the thing to warm your throat and sinuses, cut through gunk, and soothe you into a more restive state.

On a daily basis, cutting back caffeine can help with insomnia, anxiety, and sometimes helps heart health. Drinking more clear liquid helps support your immune system, and Jiaogulan is a healthy choice with a long running association with things like longevity, heart health, and it was first known for treating ulcers.

With an earthy taste, you can brew three or four cups (or pots, however you like) of tea with our organic Jiaogulan. You can even do a cold brew. Personally, I like it piping hot and consider the second pour the best

If you haven’t tried our organic Jiaogulan tea, order some today. February is heart health month so get ready to do something easy to benefit your cardiovascular system: relax with a cup of our Jiaogulan tea.

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