A report has found that art, in all its forms, may promote health and well-being. It may even save the medical system so much money that it’s worth “prescribing”.

Two years of research has found evidence that art may help keep you well, recover from illness, live longer, and save money. One of the studies they looked at included patients who suffered mental issues like depression, and physical issues like chronic pain and stroke that were enrolled in an 8 weeks art program. The result was fewer doctor visits. In another study that researchers looked at, participation in music programs helped stroke victims relieve self-reported symptoms like insomnia.

Art can be simple. It can be made, or viewed and thought about. It’s a universal way to give people beauty, meaning, and a daily purpose with steady results.

To help capitalize on art and support your own health, all you need is a hobby or two, and maybe a mental boost from colloidal gold. (Of course, it shouldn’t replace other basic forms of self-care like exercise, healthy foods, sleep, and other stress-fighting hobbies, as well as regular medical care).

Colloidal gold is reported to boost memory, focus, hand-eye coordination, mood, and more. It’s not just mental support, it’s support for the pursuit of the arts, whether you want to view it or make your own expressions.

Don’t wait to start pursuing your interests and passions, especially when they are so strongly linked to a better, longer life. Find a pathway into art, and support it with colloidal gold.

How do you do art? Share your pursuits in the comments:


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