A nap in the middle of an average day isn’t being lazy, it’s boosting your mood, creativity, memory, and focus. And with a sleep shortage going on, more sleep is important for our health, especially heart health.

If you’re already getting enough sleep at night, just a 15 to 20 minute nap will be enough to refresh you. Be careful not to go too long, because in the 30 minute range you start to enter deep sleep, so you’ll be groggy when the alarm goes off.

For those who can’t sleep at night, 90 minute naps, or a full sleep cycle, will do a better job of boost your brain to increase memory, creativity, and focus for the afternoon.

To be a good napper, falling asleep quickly is important. Mental exercises (variations of meditation, or just literally counting mental sheep) can help keep your mind calm and bored, while also becoming a sleep cue for your body. Another trick is to hold still, truly still, no readjusting, itching, coughing, or other fidgeting. That fidgeting is your body sending out test signals to see if your mind is awake, so ignoring them helps sleep come.

If you just can’t sneak a nap into your day, there are other ways to boost memory, focus, creativity, and other mental skills: use a little colloidal gold each day. Colloidal gold may help with everything from concentration, to mood, to hand-eye coordination.

A little colloidal gold when you wake up in the morning, or a bit more whenever you have something important (a test, presentation, or game) may help boost your mind so that you feel sharp and clear, and even more energetic (not in the same way as caffeine, energetic in a calm and focused sort of way with no crash).

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