Pneumonia is any infection in the lungs and has many causes. Often, pneumonia is the result of some other problem getting worse—severe chronic asthma, a rough bout of flu, or something mundane like choking on your drink!

The good news is that you often know you’re at risk for pneumonia before you get it and can take preventative steps, like good self-care and immune supporting colloidal silver. Pneumonia can be very serious, so stay on top of symptoms with good self-care and rest.

Colloidal Silver for Pneumonia: General Immune Support

Colloidal silver has long been used as general support for the immune system. Silver, and nano silver in particular, is effective against many different pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi and more. It is also safe for humans. Before antibiotics, colloidal silver was often used when people were ill.

Modern research continues to show that colloidal silver is safe, even on lung cells, which is why people use colloidal silver for pneumonia and as support for many different health concerns.

Use Colloidal Silver for Pneumonia Before it Starts

Unlike other diseases, you often know when there is going to be a risk for pneumonia. Chronic illnesses from asthma, which lasts a lifetime, to RSV, which could last months raise the risk for further lung infection (aka pneumonia). Other times, habits like smoking increase our risk for pneumonia and other lung illnesses.

Pneumonia is a possible complication of many common illnesses like colds and the flu—and while some people are more at risk, anyone could end up with pneumonia.

When you’re at risk, support yourself before pneumonia develops! Use colloidal silver for pneumonia alongside other care like running a humidifier, resting, and taking other medications. The best way to beat pneumonia is to prevent it in the first place!

Pneumonia Symptoms

Many illnesses have similar symptoms to pneumonia like coughing and a fever/chills. Pneumonia is when symptoms get worse, breathing gets more difficult, and often, people will experience a pain in their chest.

To best support the body against pneumonia symptoms, use colloidal silver in your nebulizer. Whether using colloidal silver for pneumonia, flu, cold, sinus infection, or similar, a nebulizer helps get colloidal silver directly to the entire respiratory system for better support. Make it an additional step to supporting your immune system with colloidal silver when you think you’re at risk for pneumonia and need more help.

Coronavirus and Pneumonia

One of the concerns about the new Coronavirus COVID-19 is that people with weaker immune systems (older, or who have chronic illness, etc.) are more at risk for a severe case of pneumonia. While Coronavirus may be like the flu in some ways, the more severe complications (pneumonia) are setting it apart right now.

Just like with other diseases, you can use colloidal silver for pneumonia as extra body and lung support.

Colloidal Silver for Pneumonia and Lung Support

With a nebulizer, you can use colloidal silver as direct lung support. A nebulizer helps you breathe in colloidal silver.

Often, before we get pneumonia, we have other symptoms—coughing, sneezing, a runny nose—that let us know we’re sick. Sometimes, those symptoms (like when we have mucus getting from our nose to our throat) are what put us at risk for pneumonia by spreading germs.

Sometimes, we become at risk for pneumonia because of something unusual—when you swallow something the wrong way and choke, normally you’ll cough to clear your lungs, and healthy lungs can clear away anything that remains after that. Sometimes, if our lungs aren’t healthy, inhaled food or drink won’t clear fast enough and infection will develop.

Use colloidal silver for pneumonia or general lung support whenever you think you need extra support.

Supporting Your Lungs and Health

Avoiding smoke, checking your indoor air quality, and generally supporting your health with diet, exercise, and rest all help to also support your lungs. For extra support, you can use colloidal silver for pneumonia or other concerns.

During winter when respiratory viruses spread (like flu, colds, or the new Coronavirus COVID-19) you can indirectly support your immune system with practices to avoid germs like frequent handwashing, avoiding touching your face, and staying home when you’re sick (rest and get better even when you still feel like you can be on your feet—before it gets worse!).

And when using colloidal silver for pneumonia, flu, and more—remember to pull out your nebulizer for faster support!


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