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One of the neatest casual discoveries of the last few decades is that people who were taking colloidal copper reported their gray hair turned dark!

Any claim about reversing the aging process should rightfully be looked at with skepticism, but when people heard about colloidal copper and gray hair, more anecdotal reports poured in!

Copper is an essential nutrient so there are lots of reasons to make sure there’s enough copper in your diet, but knowing about colloidal copper and gray hair getting peppery again is a nice bonus! So while colloidal copper and gray hair shouldn’t be your only reason for taking colloidal copper, it’s a great colloidal copper benefit to add to the list!

What is Colloidal Copper?

Why colloidal copper and gray hair? What is colloidal copper?

So, colloidal copper is really simple, it’s just nano copper particles suspended in water. You can identify a colloid by the way light shines through it—light will bounce off the suspended particles, reflecting in all directions. For colloidal mineral products, you will see their color reflected, a orangish sheen for colloidal copper.

What makes colloidal copper special compared to other sources of copper is the small, pure particles. The suspended particles aren’t ions—ions quickly pair up and form compounds, making them less useful in some cases. Colloidal copper is small, pure, and uncharged, so it can easily move through the body (easy to digest) and be used where it’s needed.

What’s the Deal with Colloidal Copper and Gray Hair?

There are lots of things that will cause hair to turn gray, then white: age, stress, genes, etc. For some people, changing their diet seems to have an impact!

Those who have reported adding some darker “pepper” back into their graying hair did so with just one teaspoon a day (you might think you need a lot, but if it works for you, you don’t!). 

When it comes to colloidal copper and gray hair, everyone’s going to be a little different. There are a lot of reasons you could be losing the color in your hair, and needing more copper in your diet is just one. But for those who found success with colloidal copper and gray hair, it really is so simple!

How Did People Find Out About Colloidal Copper and Gray Hair?

Copper is an essential nutrient. Tissue in the body uses copper to make elastin and collagen, which keeps tissue (whether it’s your pulsing arteries or your aging skin) smoother and firmer. Copper is also needed for the body to be able to absorb iron.

Many people take colloidal copper if they suspect an iron deficiency, know they need to add the nutrient to their diet, or are getting general colloidal copper support. And at some point, someone noticed that there was a connection between colloidal copper and gray hair—then other people found the same results! Colloidal copper may add a little dark color back into hair.

Limits to Colloidal Copper and Gray Hair

If colloidal copper doesn’t work on your gray hair, don’t go crazy taking more. For some people, colloidal copper works quickly and easily at restoring color, but others might have more going on (genes or other factors).

You don’t want too much copper, stick with the recommended amounts, and see if making sure there’s enough in your diet benefits you, and if there’s a connection between colloidal copper and gray hair for you!

Some people have rare genetic conditions where their body holds onto copper without processing it, and they can accumulate too much. Those people should not take colloidal copper without some sort of health oversight.

Safety: Colloidal Copper and Gray Hair

Beware fake and dangerous products!

If you search google for copper health and beauty products, there’s a lot that are questionable. Keep in mind what true, pure colloids are and avoid products that use “colloid” as a buzzword.

If you’re looking for a hair or skin mask, you can get that from colloidal copper—more cheaply, and more safely because you’ll know the amount, the quality, and that it’s a pure colloid!

Now that the “secret” about colloidal copper and gray hair is out, some products may add a small amount of “colloidal” copper to their formula. But if you just stick with true, pure colloidal copper, you can get the real thing, and use it how you want (as a safe supplement, or directly on your skin or hair).

Colloidal Copper is Great Skin Support, Too

Don’t forget that copper has other benefits, and you can use colloidal copper as great skin support, too! With colloidal copper spray, you can get direct skin support.


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