Clear Skin Highlights FaceFor some, copper skin means basking in the glow of summer, and enjoying the now rather than the wear and tear that shows up later. Instead, let copper skin mean support that offers you healthy, firm skin now and later.

Now, you can spend eighty plus dollars on a cream with a bit of copper in it (and they make creams for each part of your face, so multiple that by five or ten), hundreds on a one time treatment, or you can beat them all with a daily spritz of colloidal copper or a daily supplemental dose.

Why copper? It’s an essential building block for skin: it supports the production of collagen, elastin, and more. It also has antimicrobial effects to help fight redness. In fact, copper has a number of roles throughout the body, but it’s one of those nutrients that’s been sucked out of our soil without really being replaced.

Being a building block is the reason copper has become so popular. It’s more effective to take care of your skin by supporting your body, than it is to try and force smooth clear skin with drastic, usually temporary measures.

Copper isn’t for everyone, some may want to just stick with spraying it on their skin since there are some genetic conditions that require strict regulation of copper intake (and, conversely, some people may need to take more). Most people already know if they are affected by it, otherwise you can sense it’s too much when your mouth takes on a metallic taste.

And don’t forget prevention. For daily wear and tear, stick with moisturizer with UVA/B protection. For outdoor fun, apply sunscreen as directed on the bottle (30 works well for most scenarios). And drink plenty of water, keeping in mind that sugary energy or even electrolyte drinks can have the opposite effect.

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