It’s not a common question, but it’s an interesting one—does colloidal gold for dogs work?

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You may have already used colloidal silver to support your dog or cat’s immune system, help with skin problems, sinus problems, and more. If colloidal silver works for dogs, does colloidal gold work for dogs (and cats)?

Possibly. There’s no official study on colloidal products and pets—although we do receive lots of great anecdotes. Barring an allergy or other quirk, it’s likely safe to try a small amount and see what happens, and find out for yourself—does colloidal gold for dogs (and cats) work?

Why Do People Take Colloidal Gold?

Before diving into colloidal gold and pets, and whether colloidal gold ]for dogs works, we should back up a bit, and look at why people take colloidal gold and how it’s generally used.

Like colloidal silver, colloidal gold is made from pure, non-ionic gold nanoparticles and water—it reflects light, giving it a red-orange color. This is really important because ionic products (which are clear) are toxic.

Gold is thought to support the mind and the mind-body connection. People who take colloidal gold report improved memory, focus, hand-eye coordination, and more. Gold has anti-inflammatory properties, so some people take colloidal gold to support conditions like arthritis.

Does Colloidal Gold Work?

Colloidal gold is reported to support energy, concentration, joint health, prostate health, and more—but it’s not caffeine or other more stimulating products.

When people report experiencing benefits from colloidal gold, they’re talking about small, steady improvement over a month or so. It’s not the same as caffeine, and wonderfly, doesn’t cause an energy crash or burn out. Instead, it’s thought, colloidal gold is supporting the mind/connectivity and helping things run better.

Experimenting with colloidal gold for dogs, cats, or humans isn’t an afternoon project—to see if it works for you or your pet, try it for about a month.

Does Colloidal Gold for Dogs Work?

Like humans, each pet is different. And depending on why you’re curious about colloidal gold for dogs and cats, the underlying problems are different, too. Colloidal gold is general support for the mind, joints, and more, and should work similarly in dogs and cats as it does in humans. It should also be safe, as long as you’re using true colloidal gold. (Gold is generally considered food safe, which is why some restaurants sell gold foil-covered cakes and even hamburgers).

Why Should Dogs Take Colloidal Gold?

Like humans, dogs may need a little extra mind and joint support, especially as they age. Some breeds may need that extra support even from a young age!

With aging comes lower energy, focus, memory, and more—even for dogs and cats. People considering colloidal gold for dogs or cats are likely trying to help their furry friends extend their quality of life, and possibly seeking to slow some signs of aging like cognitive decline.

There may even be some looking for an ethical way to support the performance of their show dog.

Other Ways to Support Your Pets

Colloidal silver and colloidal gold for dogs and cats is just one way to help support their health.

Just like humans, pets need good habits, routine, training, healthy eating, and regular exercise. During summer, it’s important to keep cool, fresh water available, remember to always check the temperature of sidewalks.

Another summer health problem for dogs and cats is tick and mosquito bites. Like humans, dogs can get sick with West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease, so a combination of prevention and watching for signs of bites/symptoms is important.

Colloidal Support for Pets

You can experiment with both colloidal silver and colloidal gold for pets. Since each animal is a little different, finding the right support for your pet (with their history, breed, and specific quirks) will need a little time and adjustment.

In general, you can use colloidal silver and colloidal gold for dogs and cats by adding just a little to their water bowl (big pets need more, small pets less). During the summer, colloidal silver is especially useful support for outdoor pets.

Does colloidal gold for dogs work? If your pet needs mental support as they age, and maybe even a little more joint support, it’s an easy thing to try. You don’t have to trick them into eating a pill, bribe them with treats, or do other work—just add a little colloidal silver or colloidal gold to their water bowl and see if it helps your pet.


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