It used to be more common to hear that you need less sleep as you age, but more people are hearing the truth: that 7-9 hours of sleep should stay consistent for your whole life (within that range depends on genetics).

When you’re sick, you need more sleep, and that’s ok. You should always try to accommodate your need for sleep because it facilitates healing. But what about when you can’t sleep? It’s not exactly insomnia. As you age, the time you spend sleeping at night shrinks. Scientists now have data that makes them think it’s related to a brain imbalance, and a lack of the right signals being made and received.

What can you do to fix it? There’s no clear-cut answer yet, so stick with old staples: give yourself extra nutritional support, and take basic steps to prevent common causes of insomnia. Extra nutritional support means that you always have enough building blocks for the receptors and signaling that are working. It means taking actual situational support (like herb and mineral based Nite MGR) rather than a knockout pill that induces fake sleep.

Preventing common insomnia includes things like keeping screens out of your bedroom, avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and eating and drinking lightly at the end of the day.

And there’s one more thing to keep in mind; not everyone develops these sleep problems with age. Although more studies are needed, there seems to be a correlation between remaining alert and engaged and all aspects of healthy brain function, including sleep. With nighttime sleep troubles also comes feeling fatigued, dozing off, and more. Doing a little bit of mental exercise, adding mental support (even if it’s just nighttime support like Nite MGR) can go a long way.

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