Turmeric with Grinder and PowderThere are already a bunch of studies touting the benefits of curcumin (found in the spice turmeric)—it’s a powerful antioxidant with many benefits, and getting some into our daily diet is a great way to get them.

One organ in particular seems to really benefit: the liver. Past studies have tied Curcumin to lower/better cholesterol, disease prevention (cancer, fatty liver, etc.), and that it stimulates the liver into action (including bile production). Tagging onto all that research is a new clinical trial strengthening the connection between curcumin and the fight against fatty liver disease (which as many as 1 in 3 US adults may have): curcumin was found to have strong effects for people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, showing almost three times as much improvement as the placebo group.

One of the ways curcumin may be helping is to stimulate the liver to produce needed compounds, something that becomes harder for it with the build up of disease. Curcumin is also a powerful antioxidant (and put simply, the liver likes antioxidants).

Where do you get curcumin? Most dishes flavored with turmeric will give you a good dose, things like curries and other South/South East Asian dishes use the spice frequently. It can also show up in American dishes, but is more likely to be accompanied by less-than-healthy sugar (it’s in yellow mustard, for instance). But if you look around, there are a variety recipes, many of which are healthy in other ways, too.

If you don’t want to reinvent your menu, you can DIY by mixing a bit of turmeric into some warmed oil (it’s fat soluble) for a daily dose.

Or, get turmeric and lots of other health supporting nutrients with one of our supplements.

Both Liver MGR and Liver DTX have turmeric (just choose whether you’re looking for a daily dose of support or a detox!).

It’s also in Triple Strength Antioxidant for those looking for overall support from curcumin and other strong antioxidants.

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