Up to a third of dementia cases may be preventable with lifestyle changes, and it’s worth it for a longer, better quality of life! According to new research, 7 healthy lifestyle choices can each cut the risk for dementia, but those can really be summed up in three ways: education, health, and engagement.

-Education. Start early, and make it lifelong. While the research specifically pointed to preschool, it’s never too late to stretch your brain with learning (and not just reading new things; learning can be puzzles, art, and other ways of thinking).

-Stay on top of medical care and self-care. Hearing loss and hypertension are specifically listed as a lead-in to dementia. Missed health problems can impact mood, and decrease the third factor (engagement). Regular doctor visits and recommended screenings can prevent a health ripple effect. And the effects of taking care of yourself can’t be overstated. Smoking, obesity, and diabetes are also listed as factors that raise the risk of dementia.

– Engagement is important, too. Engagement through education, caring about your health, and mentally: dementia risk factors also include depression, physical inactivity, and social isolation. Health problems can lead to all three, but they can also just be a snowball of other lifestyle choices. Engage with your surroundings, the people around you, and maintain a hobby (volunteering, crafting, learning, anything).

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