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It’s one of those things we’ve all agreed upon for a while: the mind and body can influence each other. Chronic ill health can cause inflammation, maybe trigger mental illness, or increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. Severe mental trauma can impact the body, weakening the heart, triggering other health events, and just generally weakening the immune system.

A new study looks at one well know correlation between mental health and physical illness: bereavement. Everyone has a story about spouses who died shortly after one another, even if it’s a public example like the Bushes. Now research is teasing out the exact physical causes, including the inflammation that bereavement/depression causes and the general dip in immune system health.

Here’s how you put the knowledge from their research to good use.

Start with immune support. For yourself, and for bereaved loved ones. This can mean taking time to heal after a loss or traumatic event, supporting others with healthy meals, forcing yourself to exercise, and making the effort to keep up on health basics. It can also mean adding an additional safety net in the form of antioxidant rich multivitamins and colloidal silver.

Focus on healing the mind. Sometimes we neglect wounds we can’t see, but clearly what’s going on in the mind can impact the body. Therapy, support groups, and calling in your social support shouldn’t be last resorts after a trauma. When supporting others, remember the kvetching circle: support in, dump out.

For extra mental support, try natural D.S.A. MGRx.

According to research, ill health effects can peak 6-8 months after an event. Keep up support for yourself and others for at least a year after a traumatic event—and include immune supporting colloidal silver in your care packages.

Use your mind as an early warning system. If you’re feeling down, support your mind and body. Help your body as it battles extra inflammation and a weakened immune system by keeping colloidal silver as part of your daily routine.


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