Spring is in the air, so here comes spring fashions. Instead of making your skin glow with UV damage, make it firm, glowing, and clear by supporting its good health.

A healthy diet, lots of water, and plenty of beauty rest is a good start. But with day to day stress, pollution, aging, and more, it always helps to have a little skin boost, like support from colloidal copper.

As a supplement, copper functions as an antioxidant and plays a role in cartilage, connective tissue, tendons, bone health, and blood. An essential mineral, we don’t always get enough copper in our diets. You can get a little more with colloidal copper. Or, you can focus on skin support, and spray colloidal copper directly onto the skin and get the benefits directly. One of the most popular uses of colloidal copper is as an anti-aging skin spray, and you can even get it in a convenient spray bottle.

While the face is the most common area to target, anything you do to your face should really be done all the way down to your neckline (that skin is exposed, which means that it gets more damage, and that you want it looking good). Many people will include their hands and any area that they know is problematic for them (for example, if you drive a lot, any exposed skin on your left side needs support; tanning in your youth may have stressed the skin on your back; or you may just have a patchy spot you need to take better care of).

You don’t need to become a skincare addict to get beautiful skin. Start with a little extra natural support and watch how far it gets you! Try a little colloidal copper skin support.

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