Skin Care MicroscopeAfter a few months of sun, sunscreen, pool chemicals, allergy swelling/irritation, but bites, and more, it’s time to freshen up your skin with a little extra support.

There’s lots of little things you can do to support your skin right now: drink a little more water (and less sugar and alcohol), get a light daily sunscreen, avoid bug bites (with long garments or sprays), and just keep an eye on it.

If you want to think a little bigger, consider giving your skin care a make-over. Things have moved pretty far past the 90s’ and early aughts’ spectrum of either super astringent cheap products that suck up every last drop of oil, or expensive “high-end” products with only a few drops of something good. Instead, there are plenty of natural, more gentle, and more effective products to choose from.

Skin type is still something to consider—not everyone’s skin likes coconut oil, for instance. In general though, most modern skin products are gentle enough to work for most skin types, like Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator.

Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator is made up of ionic fulvic minerals. It penetrates to deliver nutrients including essential amino acids and helps remove free-radicals that cause oxidation.

The complex support of Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator can be used against aging by supporting firm skin and helping fight spots and discoloration, and as health support on minor cuts, scrapes, bites, and sunburns.

Skin support is important all-year round, but most people need a little more after winter (dry, no sun) and summer (too much sun, sweat, and allergy season). It’s the perfect time to start a new skin care routine, or just add a little more to your current one. Anti-Aging Skin Regenerator can go on under make-up with no problem.

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